Who we are

UniPollWatch is a world first. It is the biggest student journalism project ever undertaken in Australia. The journalism schools at 28 universities have united to cover the 2016 federal election. We are reporting on every House of Representatives electorate, as well as most of the candidates and many of the important policies and local issues. We hope you find fresh perspectives and new voices which help you to make better sense of the things that matter in the lead-up to this national election.


We want to offer insights into the issues through the eyes of young Australians, many of whom are voting for the first time in this election. We believe the best way to learn the skills of journalism is through practice, so this is also a place to develop and hone the craft of reporting. Journalism schools should be relevant and useful and should work for the public’s benefit by sharing their work with general audiences. In turn, this connection with the audience enriches the learning experience.